Hi’ there

My Name is Charles Potty and this is my personal blog about smooth Jazz music and the small things in life which interest me. You can learn more about me here at my About page

I am currently in the process of moving my website and dealing with a lot of technical problems, so if you are experince any problems this is why.

We all love Jazz music from Nyt Tag, Briketter and KostumerMany of you, have asked me, why I don’t upload my music here on the page, and the answer is pretty simple. For me music isn’t just something you click on a play button and listens to. To get the best experience you also need to consider your current mood, the time of day, like for instance some music is better during the evening and some is better during the day. The local you hear it. I have oftenen visited a jazz bar and had an incredible experience, only to get home and put on the same song, by the same artict which I have just heard ealier this day, and it’s a while different experience (sometimes better, sometimes worse). So if I uploaded one of my songs, I wouldn’t have any control over these things, and you wouldn’t get to experience the song, the way I wanted people to hear it. And of course, also because I still don’t think my jazz music is good enough for a wider audience.
Right now you can sometimes find me playing with a friend or two, at some of the smaller bars in New Orleans. I don’t play as much as I used to, but I go there about one time a month. It’s a keep way to improve your skills and get some new impressions. Also to test how the different songs affects different people.

Beside playing music I love to collect old whiskey, work on my home with a little help from my friend Pete from Nyt Tag, put on a custome and take part in some historic battle just outside New Orleans with my friends from the group Kostumer. I also enjoy hanging out with my family and some of my other friends, but music is my main passion though and it always will be.