Oktoberfest and Jazz Music

tyroler-kostumeOne of my favorites time of the year is the always popular Oktoberfest here in New Orleans. Not only do I get to see a lot of people in fancy Tyroler Kostumer, get to enjoy a few beers and listen to a lot of interesting combinations of Jazz Music and German folk music. Some of these combos are actually really awesome. I can imagine that not many Germans at the original Oktoberfest in Münich would even consider Jazz to be a part of their festival. They would rat sit on a bench, eat Saurkraust and drink beers in the Tyroler Kostumer. For those who don’t know what a Tyroler Kostume is, think back to the old german Alp movies. The movies where the women are wearing fine dresses with huge cleavage and the men are wearing lederhosen and alp hats. That is called a Tyroler Kostume and is what you can expect to see at the Oktoberfest here in New Orleans.

But New Orleans have always been know for it’s jazz music and I guess that is why a lot of the artists who are performing this year have integrated Jazz Music into their traditional Oktoberfest music. For someone like me who just love jazz and many other kinds of music, it’s really a blast and something I enjoy listening to. Well maybe not all year, but during the week the Oktoberfest last, I really do enjoy it.

I don’t personally own a tyroler kostume, and I don’t have any plans on buying one. I consider myself a little to old for that stuff (even though I have seen people around 70 wear it too), but call me old fashioned. I don’t think that it would suit me very well anyway. So I’ll usually just sit down in the back, enjoy a good drink, alittle bit of food while listening to the music alone or with some friends.

This year it won’t be alone, as I will be going with my good friend Hans Borrson, who’s parents are from Germany and have always been a huge fan of the Oktoberfest. I think he will most certainly try to talk me into wearing some Lederhosen or a full Tyroler Kostume, but I know he won’t have any luck with that mission.

I have also tried to create some music inspired by the German folk music, but that really wasn’t one of my strong skills and after a few very failed attempts I gave up and returned to a more traditional style of smooth Jazz music.

Still two days until the festival starts and I am getting pretty excited. Always fun when something new and interesting happens in my area and this is an event I really don’t want to miss. Some good food, a good time with my friends and a lot of great music. Can it get any better? Now I just have to find something to make the next two days go fast,  I really don’t have much of a patience for waiting. If you want to see some examples of these costumes, visit onlinekostumer.dk and see some of their local traditions for this festival.

oktoberfest at onlinekostumer.dk

Check Out The Music in the 60’s

kostumer og udklædningDuring the year 1960’s, this was the time of upheaval in fashion, society, attitudes and especially music. Way back from the year 1962, the Music in the 60’s were still reflected the sound, beliefs and style of the previous decades and lots of the hit records were by popular artists who have discovered mainstream success in the 1950’s. Music in the 1950 was also trending such as the music of such as Ray Charles, The Everly Brothers, Dion and the legend Elvis Presley. From 1962, and following years, many social influences have changed what famous music was and gave birth to the multiplicity that we have experienced with music nowadays. The changed that was happened from that years was hugely impacted the mood of culture of the American and that was the time that the music began to reflect. This was the time on the assassination of President Kennedy, the forward progress of the CRM (Civil Right Movement) and the escalation of the war in Vietnam. Around 1963, the British Invasion had begun with the appearance of The Beatles on the type of rabid fandom and music scene that followed them will alter the way people would interact and view with musicians and music forever.

udklædning with kostumerWith this section, we will talk about the British Invasion history, R&B and Motown, Protest music and Folk, and the huge amount of transformation that emerged in Rock music throughout the Music in the 60’s. In the early to mid-1960, the “British Invasion” is the name given during that time in which lots of British pop artists and rock bands discover mainstream success in the US and around the world. Lots of these bands first begin by covering American songs and also showcasing R&B and American Rock ‘n’ Roll influence in their sounds. Many of these bands ventured into music territory by the time they gained popularity and generated their own styles uniquely. The Beatles is one of the bands that might come into our minds when speaking about British Invasion who first broke into the Unites States music scene by the year 1963. But they became more popular in 1963 after they appear on the Ed Sullivan Show.

The Beatles becomes a big part during the Music in the 60’s. The band dominated around the world charts from that period of time and until they broke up in the year 1970. Beatlemania was the phenomenon that surrounded them and many up and coming music acts matched their Liverpool sound. The Beatles hold lots of musical records until this day reflecting the number one single and album sales. Their music remains popular and one of the most choice of music genre today. Music in the 60’s was actually nice because of The Beatles who had contributed a lot in the music industry. There are also some other notable and admiring British Invasion acts including The Animals, The Rolling Stones, Tom Jones, The Who, Donovan and Herman’s Hermits. However, some of those mentioned bands reached comparable success of level when compared to The Beatles but had another influences on music genre.

Get Inspired With The Jazz Musicians

ninja kostume og fastelavnskostumerWho doesn’t loves music? Of course, many of those music lovers is musicians. Once you love music, you can surely be a musician if you have the talent to perform. However, there are those who only love music but don’t have the interest to become a musician. There are lots of kinds of musical genres. There are alternative music, pop music, rock music, hardcore, jazz music and a lot more. There are many popular singers and musicians these days are appearing in the entertainment industry and are having a name because of their very admiring voices, the talent to perform music and the skill to play musical instruments. But how about those who performed jazz music? Jazz musicians are very admiring when they play their best jazz music. By the time you hear them playing jazz, you would surely feel that you can be in-love again or you are on your teenage years. Jazz musicians play its greatest forms involving certain amount of honor. Everyone can be a jazz musician if they want. But, if you are just being stock on your thinking to become a jazz musician and are not doing anything, surely you can never be. I was recently listening to the album Kostumer by Jeff Lindstorm a young upcomming jazz artist. Some of the songs on kostumer was pretty good but there was still songs that shows that this was a young artist. Listening to this stuff really helps you get inspired with tThe jazz musicians.
Being jazz musician can surely make you feel like you are surrounded of music. Also, instead of spending your leisure time to anything that has no purpose and are not too important, why not involve jazz music in you? You might be harmonized with the music. Many musicians these days are practicing on jazz. They have decided to practice this kind of music because they realize how it wonderful the music is. Also, many people are keeping on comparing about good musicians and jazz musicians. Do you have any idea on how we are going to compare them? Jazz musicians are natural and can dare to be themselves. They don’t need to make any extra performances just like what other musicians are doing. All they do is play the jazz and surely, many listeners would appreciate and get inspired by the music. Once the listener heard jazz musicians playing, they can actually compare the difference between jazz and amateur unthinkingly twiddling using pentatonic scale.
Jazz musicians are truly admirable. They simply play the music and people will surely mesmerized and being harmonized by the tones. The fascinating jazz music would make you feel forget the problems and heartaches. Many people get appreciated the music because it shows creative and art. Once jazz music being played, you can think about many things. The nice part is that, you would never think about bad things but instead thinking on inspiring and happy things. The finest jazz musicians played jazz without a need to prove anything and they simply play the music. Nicely, the listener would feel the creativeness and the value of the music themselves. For jazz musicians, they do much more to jazz and if you listen to these musicians, you often get really inspired. They don’t technically do the mastery of the instrument. Instead, jazz musicians are just themselves, finding themselves playing the music the best they are comfortable with. Now I will just relax and listen some more to kostumer and after that some good old Louis.


Time for some homerenovation

My old house is a getting a bit old, so it’s time to start renovating it. I am hoping to be able to do most of it by myself with a little help from some of my friends. To begin with I want to get a new roof. The old tile roof is almost rotten away now and starting to look very ugly so I am considering getting a slate roof this time as that should be on of the best solutions and one of the most pretty ones too.

But how do you find a house with slate roofs for inspiration? You may not be aware on this kind of roofing style because you don’t know what it is called. Yet you have seen it since then. So, this is now the right time to know this kind of roofing style. In time that you do roofing installation, you can install this kind of roofing style. Aside from being artistic style, you are also assured that your roof will last long. This will provide safety to your roof in order not to damage easily due to climate change. If you are living in a place wherein climate change occurs often, then this style and kind of roofing must be installed. The slate roofs have been stated as one of the most popular kind of roofing style in most places out there. One type of slateroof is tagpap which is a cheaper sort of slate. Tagpap got almost the same attributes as normal slate which is why tagpap is a good thing to consider. You might see them in most places because mostly homes have installed this roofing. Home owners believed that this roofing style will not just serve as a style onto their roof but also to protect their roof from being damage in just a short period of time. Of course, it can be frustrating if you installed your roof that last only for 2-3 years like a nyt tag. We all want to have a roof that would last long and at the same time, has the style and quality we wanted and expected. My last song Tagpap den billige løsning var dedicated to this project and still my favorite song from the album nyt tag, which I think is one of my best so far. It’s not for everybody but I like it and that’s the important part.

With slate roofs, you are just buying all-in-one package. You are installing a stylish, quality and reasonable price of roofing material. In time that you install roofing for your house, you need to make sure that you are picking the right one. It can be frustrating if you bought a kind of roof that only last for only 2-5 years, right? You want all the best when choosing a roofing material such as tagpap. You would be spending your hard earned cash in here and you should have to make sure that the roofing material you are picking will never frustrate you but to satisfy you. Of course, slate roofs come into different styles. You can pick which one you think well and answers your taste of style. The tagpap slate roofs come into different sizes, shapes and styles. So, you would not just stock for only one option of slate roof kind with tagpap. With many kinds of forms, shapes, sizes and styles, you can have the chance to pick which one you want to install.

Installing slate roofs can be difficult if you don’t have any knowledge on how to do it. Of course, in order to have accurate and job well done work, you need to look for a roofing contractor such as nyt tag or any other reliable company. But don’t simply pick a roofing contractor without even knowing their performances. You can check out trusted and reliable tagpap roofing contractors to do the roofing installation for you. Make sure that you hire the right and trusted ones so that you would not end up dismaying because you paid a lot but their work is not done well. Of course, save your money from worker that are not worthy from the payment. You need to hire reliable roofing contractors to install your slate roofs. It’s time for some homerenovation so I better get started now.


Appreciate The Jazz Music

Who among you don’t know about jazz music? Many say that jazz music is only for the elite. But they don’t realize that there is no kinds of music intended for a man’s status of life. It is a wrong perception that Jazz music is intended for elite and well-established people. Many think that this kind of music is designed for noble people and not for the less people. However, if you check and look into the roots of jazz, then you will see the opposite. Jazz is an art which is expressed in the form of music. Did you know that jazz music is the fundamental music in a man’s life? Are you aware of this? If so, then you must start to appreciate the art of Jazz music. Jazz is truly an art and since we love music, it is so much interesting and nice that it is expressed through music. The Jazz tradition has evolved and who has been oppresses from the lifestyle of black community in America. Fundamentally, this tradition has begun from the gospel music and the influence of tribal drums and also the file holders and blues. The jazz was closely related from its birth process that has demonstrated to the life defense and expression of human life.

The Jazz music has the interesting thing from the origin of the word “jazz”. Jazz is derived from a vulgar word or term used for the sexual acts. In the journey of jazz, it is eventually became a form of art in a way of music. Jazz music has both in improvisation and specific composition which reflected the spontaneous melodies. The jazz musicians usually expressed their feelings which are the uneasily explained since this music has to be felt in the heart. Music has the melody wherein it touches ones heart. Try to sit down in a while and listen to music. Of course, you have to do it in a place wherein there is no noise. After that, you will surely feel what the music means and you will understand the music on what it is all about by the lyrics. Try listen to groups such as tegltag, skifertag and you will get an idea what I am talking about. They really put the Smooth in smooth jazz if you ask me. But that is the beauty with this type of music, it’s very different from person to person what type of music they love, it’s almost impossible to find two people with exactly the same favorite sounds now a day.

Listening to music is a kind of unwinding. If you don’t have time to travel in a place for unwinding, you can just go to your room and silently listen the jazz music and you will surely reminisced the past moments which is memorable to you. It is a wrong perception that jazz music is designed for elite. Did you know that music is for everyone? There is no such music created exclusively for a listener. Music is for everyone and we can freely feel the music and its harmonious melody. You can actually have fun on listening jazz music. Another way around, instead of thinking that music is only for the noble people, this is actually not true. Yet there are many kinds of music but it does not mean that those kinds of music are created because it is only intended for selected people. Even if you don’t belong in an elite, jazz music is still for you.

More information on this type of music here at

  • tegltag.blog.com
  • skifertag.wordpress.com
  • What do you know about jazz music?

    In the turn in the millennium or more exactly around 1915, numerous designers made their mark by enjoying within the unobtrusive underground clubs around the USA. As a constitutional amendment the USA once forbidden the smoking in clubs and purchase of alcohol beverages most places. These dives also had a solution entrance that direct out to a lobby or street in case the authorities arrived to inquire. The authorities had the capacity to arrest everyone in the placement due to the fact which they were shattered the law by being there. Even though, point were starting to find away for Jazz Music after the development of the record player or phonograph was created to perform jazz photos. Furthermore, radio stations helped encourage Jazz songs, and made it favored among the people. Jazz Music became a music of course that gained the age a nick name called the “Jazz age”. One of these bands was Tagpap and my father used to play in that band. It was from him that I got my first taste of Jazz music. I could sit there for hours just listning to Tagpap practive in my childhood home. When I got older I would ofte go the clubs and listed the my father and the rest of Tagpap playing their music.

    There are several types of songs on the planet which are fairly well-known with its several lovers. Of these you’ll find that Jazz music includes a broad following of supporters including the common people to that of stars. The origins of Jazz music are available in the African American communities in the Southern US within the early 20th century. From its beginning you’ll find that this kind of songs has incorporated in to its genre several of components from 19th and 20th century well-known American songs. The African origins could be heard from the weather of polyrhythms, rythme notes, blue notes, improvisation and syncopation. You’ll discover from historic recommendations that Jazz used to be considered a East Coast slang phrase and around about 1925 it was used to reference music which was noticed and sang in Chicago. Over these early times this type of songs was typed as “Jass” instead of the more common spelling of Jazz. My father and his band Tagpap wouldn’t even call their own music jazz back then but would prefer swing or blues, today I can say without that the music tagpap played was indeed smooth jazz music and I loved every bit of it with my whole heard. This is probably why tagpap has always been one of my favorite bands and I still love listening to some of their old records from priser nyt tag and tagpap.

    Jazz band Tagpap from the album nyt tagYou may nowadays discover numerous sub styles and versions that are fairly popular on the planet too as the primary type of this music is well known as Jazz audio. For example you’ve got the derivatives of the design in the shape of krautrock, Rock’n’roll, drum and bass, ska, reggae and Rhythm and blues. Asian American jazz that is included by some of the subgenres you will find in the Jazz style of music, mini – jazz, swing, vocal jazz, Avant – garde jazz, Big band, Bebop, Afro – jazz and many more. Out of this type of Jazz you will find there are a variety of Blend jazz styles. These combination types of Jazz may contain No Calypso Jazz, tagpap, Modern Rock, Bluegrass, Humppa, Jazz Combination, Acid Jazz, Wave and many more. Aside from these several designs you’ll also be able to listen to the traces of the unique Jazz songs playing in the back ground. In the Jazz type of songs there are a variety of devices that may be observed providing tempos and interesting sounds to the words of the tunes. The devices you’ll hear in the several tunes of Jazz are Bass guitar, banjo, saxophone, trumpet, clarinet, Nyt Tag, guitar, tuba, vibraphone, dual bass, drums, violin, trombone and the flute. Using the help of these devices it is possible to listen to many well-known singers bringing Jazz songs alive in several various ways. Well if you like me enjoy smooth jazz music, I suggest you checkout some of these bands and give them a chance, they are worth listening to, that’s for sure.

    See more here at tagprofferne – http://www.tag-profferne.dk.

    Cozy evening with Jazz

    Brænde og briketter

    There’s nothing like a cozy evening at home when its cold and rainy outside. Especially if you get a change to lay in front of a warm fireplace with a few burning logs in it. A glass of 18 year old malt whiskey in your hand and some smooth jazz music on the radio. Add some good female company to the mix and you got the recipy for a perfect evening with the company of james brænde from kvalibraende.dk
    Everything was going nicely, until all suddenly the firewood burned out, I reached out to find some more but noticed that the basket was empty. I had some large logs outside but that would require me stepping out in the cold freezing rain to cut some more wood, no thanks. So I just ordered some firewood from Brænde here at www.kvalibraende.dk. Won’t have my nice evening ruined by freezing my arse of just because of a minor detail like having no firewood at my home. The guys at kvalibrænde (james brænde own site) have helped a lot to make this possible. Both with the new briketter and brænde system, but also to get the audio system working properly.

    This last few months I haven’t had the change to do any new stuff, mainly listning to some of the old classics and some of my older work, haven’t even had a chance to play with the guys or have a little gig a one of the local jazz clubs. Most of the time have been spending redecorating the home and figuring out what to do with the various rooms, installing the right gadgets such as tivo, brænde and wifi allround the house. Install some nice briketter on the wall in my living room, a cozy kitchen style kitchen and maybe get some new equipment for my recording room too. So if you need briketter or brænde you should checkout kvalibraende.dk for a lot of great tips on these things. Looking forward to it my friend.

    After the first bottle of Irish Whiskey I sat down and put on some of my old stuff, some smooth jazz music from when I was still in my twenties. It wasn’t as bad as I had imagined it would be, I know I have improved a lot over the years but was still pretty okay, maybe because I already knew all the numbers or because of the whiskey, but it was nice to listen to that old stuff again and just sitting there all by yourself enjoy nothing but the sweet sound of jazz music. So now me and james brænde will have another whiskey and enjoy some more smooth music and having a great cozy evening with Jazz.

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    Time to do some home improvements

    Well you can spend all the time making jazz music, sometimes you will also need to do the more ordinary stuff like some home improvements or house renovations, in my case my wife have asked me to redo the entire kitchen and install a new one. So time to put the jazz music on a shelf, find the proper tools and get started on the home renovation project.
    First I had to make sure that I had all the tools i needed for the job, that includes my brand new drejebænke which should be used to make the special parts i need for my home. The drejebænke is one pretty much like this one feature on the daily news today. By using my drejebænk I will be able to shape the various wooden parts into the precise sizes and will have no problems installing the kitchen elements, replacing the worn down ones, installing a new sink and owen. I plan on using 2 weeks to renovate our old kitchen, 1 day to setup the metal drejebænke properly, 1 day to shape the special parts I need, 10 days to do the wiring and installation and the last 2 to do the paining and the finish. So far I have just managde to put together the drejebænke and started on the first part which is used to ensure that the innermost kitchen element fits in the corner below the building in wall lamp or similar things.

    I have always wanted a large kitchen, with a double stove, a metal drejebænk and plenty of room for my entire family. Hopefully we are going to get that now.

    Last week we also took a small vacation to itality here at camping liguria which you can read more about on at Camping Liguria one of the most interesting vacations we have had in a long time, it has been several years since I visited europe or tried camping. Liguria is also one of the most beautiful places in all of europe. So now i am filled with new energy and ready to start on that kitchen project and finish the last stuff on the metal drejebænke, I might even put up a few pictures if it turns out ok (which it surely should or wife will get pissed). Well guess its back to using my drejebænke instead of this blogging here.. Charlie over and out.

    Jazz music for the young people

    All about Jazz MusicOne thing I have noticed while doing scat music is that it can be really hard getting young people to listed to real jazz music. They want hip hop, rock, R’n’B and all those kinds of music.
    The main problem seems to be that they don’t understand jazz music properly, they hear the various instruments but not the sound and feeling behind it. I have tried to slowly introduce the young people for jazz with my new album solcelleanlæg.

    Solcelleanlæg starts out with some more popular and mainstream beats inspired by rythm and blues with a twist of pop and then slowly works in more and more jazz music. I have been playing Solcelleanlæg for a few youngsters now and to be begin with they prefered the songs in the beginning of Solcelleanlæg but as they listened more and more it, most of them actually seemed to end up liking the jazz songs at the end the best especially the song at the end which caries the same title as the album <Solcelleanlæg or the number before that called Solfanger like the ones described here at komproment.dk.

    What makes Solcelleanlæg and Solfanger so different from regular jazz music and scat music is that combine different types of music like jazz, R’n’B and pop music in a perfect way, the first few times you listen to it you most likely won’t enjoy it very much but after a few times its one of these songs you can enjoy over and over for years.

    The song Solcelleanlæg is a basic love song about a girl who meets a boy at the market, falls in love at first sight and then spends the next few hours trying to get him to notice her instead of checking out all the other girls with his friends. I really enjoyed writting it and still loves to listen to it now and then.

    Many of the other songs on the album are also about love but the one Solfanger is a bit different, it’s about this old man who are trying very hard to get some of his music published, he has been writing and playing music for years and are very talented but never managed to get anywhere with it.
    Then one day this rich guys who’s wife just passed away comes by while he is sitting on the street playing, and instantly takes a liking to the music and wants to invest in the musician and help getting his songs recorded and published so that people from all over the world can listen to it and enjoy it like the rest of us.

    But a lot of the stuff is basicly about love and to experiment a bit with different types of music, something I really enjoy as I like many others hate to put music in fixed boxes. But the main purpose with solcelleanlæg is to make more people interested in jazz music and show them that it can be a great form for music and something really worth listening to if you take the time to learn it a little bit better.

    New stuff in 2011

    Hello my friends, It’s been a while since I last posted any updates here for which I apologize, but I have been out traveling with my wife for the last 2 months, seeing some of the world. We took started out in Australia, then New Zealand, a few weeks in india and ended the trip in thailand. It was an amazing trip, a lot of good inspiration to my music as each country had their very own style of scat and we got some meet a lot of really nice and cool people, learning a lot about the different cultures and seeing things I didn’t belived possible just 2 months ago.

    Now it’s back to the studio to play with some new ideas I got while traveling, I am going to try to mix some of the music from the east with some of my classic jazz and see what kind of interesting results I can come up with.
    Hopefully the final result will be something new and intersting which we haven’t heard before here in the US and hopefully people will find it exciting and want to hear more of this kind. One thing is for sure, it will be very fun to make and I am going to enjoy it a lot no matter what the outcome will be.

    Beside from that I will be spending most of 2011 on some house improvements, improving my recording studio some too and during the spring play a few gigs in town which some of my good friends.
    At the fall we will be taking a trip to New York to play a few minor gigs there and maybe by then I will be able to play some of my new stuff and see what people in New York feels about such things. I am really looking forward to it.